Capability Statement

Overpressure Protection System Design

Process Consultants have expertise in the specification of pressure-relieving and vapour depressuring systems for oil and gas production facilities, petrochemical facilities, gas plants and liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.

Our engineers have many years of experience in the following:

  • Examining the principal causes of overpressure in equipment and systems;
  • Determining individual equipment and system relieving rates;
  • Depressuring facilities, including staging/scheduling to accommodate existing system capacity constraints and design for low temperatures;
  • Selecting and designing disposal systems, including components such as piping, vessels, flares and vent stacks;
  • Facility wides studies to assess available capacity in existing overpressure protection systems;
  • Validation and ongoing compliance with the latest Australian and International standards (such as API, ASME) as well as internal company standards;
  • Relief system design change management;

Sean Fitzgerald

Technical Director

"Process Consultants have developed in-house templates to efficiently summarise key equipment data, scenario description and sizing methodology and standardise our calculations."

The Process

Our approach to overpressure protection system design and verification will depend upon the customer’s requiremens and scale of the project, but generally involves the following core activities:

Predictable Outcomes

We use third party software such as Aspen Flare System Analyzer to review hydraulics of the collection header(s) as part of the relief system analysis. For global (facility-wide) scenarios, we can use this software to calculate the built-up relief header backpressure and velocities, sizing of equipment such as flare KO drum, and provide inputs to flare radiation and dispersion modelling studies.

Process Consultants provides a comprehensive study closeout report for all work carried out.  We will document any deviations from industry and operating company standards, our analysis, risk ranking and proposed mitigation options.  We also offer our multidiscipline engineering and TIC estimating capability to assist our customers with identifying the best path forward.

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