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Let us bring visibility and traceability to your engineering-down and clean-up campaign with iTopDecom® collaboration software.

iTopDecom® introduces a new approach to completions management required for complex offshore decommissioning.

This novel software package has been built from the ground-up, by industry specialists, as a fully digital work-pack development, work sequencing, collaboration, surveying, and tracking tool for offshore oil and gas decommissioning projects.

iTopDecom® solves this information management and verification challenge of bringing facilities to a safe status with complete visibility for key stakeholders, ready for transport and handover to a demolition contractor.


About Us

Process Consultants are a multi-disciplined engineering, advisory and project management house specialising in the Oil & Gas and Chemicals industries. We are a member of the Australian Energy Producers (AEP, formerly APPEA) and are ISO 9001 accredited.

Our office is located in the Melbourne CBD, but we work all over Australia and take on international assignments as well.


Our Vision

An energy transition is occurring now and the traditional sectors we work in are being disrupted.  

In the oil industry, we'll be helping operators to manage late-life, non-producing and decommissioning assets.  Our experience, mindset, and ability to automate labour intensive workflows and improve collaboration will be central to this.  Find out more here.

Gas will continue to play an important role in the energy mix as a transition fuel. Blue hydrogen will be a key area of focus for us.

There is a bright future emerging and we're ready to play a big part in it. 

What we do

Process Consultants provide broad range of services including:

> Advisory
> Projects
> Engineering
> Brownfield
> Decommissioning
> Software plus services

Whatever the challenge you need to solve, our advisors, engineers and project managers, are ready to work with you today.

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Process Consultants can support a broad range of facilities, both locally and internationally, in the following sectors.

Oil & Gas





 Storage & Terminals

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