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Problem Solving

Finding the right answer to the tough problem can be tremendously satisfying.  However, the reverse is also true, as unresolved issue(s) can see stress build and can stifle your productivity.  

A problem shared is a problem halved.  

Our team of specialists are available to help you navigate your way out of any technical, project, or operational issue you encounter.  We understand the pressure and tension felt by our clients, as most of our team have lived and worked in challenging Project & Operations environments. This experience ensures we can align our thinking and mindset accordingly to maximise effectiveness and minimise effort.

Engineering is the art of problem solving.

We are passionate about implementing intelligent and lasting solutions to our clients problems.  It is so important to us that we aim to live it everyday through our LiveSmart and LiveLong values. 

We apply our creative thinking and technical know how to actively solve issues for our clients ranging in complexity from minor operational upsets through to major problems requiring a multi-skilled team.  These skills have been crafted over many years across a range of industries and work spaces.

Let us help you to resolve your issues to build the value in your business.


"Process Consultants' capability to offer intelligent, operations-centric, and pragmatic solutions to complex problems is unique and highly prized by our clients.  Our proven track record and success gives us the confidence to take-on and solve the toughest issues."

Sean Fitzgerald
Technical Director

Incident Investigations

Incidents happen. Prompt and thorough investigation of the cause(s) allows for appropriate and risk proportionate corrective action.  Our independence allows us to objectively work to discover the truth.  

Trouble-Shooting Support

At times, plant / operational issues are not obvious or easily understood. We can help you to unearth the "why" to illuminate the true cause, allowing for identification of pragmatic solutions. 

Expert Advice

Our team of Experts can assist to resolve complex issues and provide understanding and guidance on the correct application of design industry or company standards.   

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