Advisory Services - Offshore Decommissioning

The complexity of decommissioning is enormous with many factors to be considered such as when to move from late-life production to early stage decommissioning, asset manning and maintenance requirements, regulatory requirements, the technical complexities of platform topsides cleaning, topsides removal, jacket removal, and the selection of heavy lift vessel.

Because of the cost and complexity, decommissioning planning is sometimes put in the 'too hard basket' for later consideration. This is an understandable but risky approach, with various factors with the potential to bring the decommissioning timing in sooner than expected, with a subsequent period of 'catch up' required from the asset owner.

We are experienced supporting operators in decommissioning work in various activities such as late-life production staging, preparation for the decommissioning stage, engineering down the platform, documentation and management of change, topsides preparation and conditioning, platform 'lighthousing' and other activities such as heavy lift vessel options analysis.

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Operations Support

  • Surveillance for your late-life assets 
  • Technical support from subject matter experts
  • Equipment isolation strategy and change management
  • Engineering down and maintenance, inspection and testing rationalisation
  • Clean-up planning and execution
  • Cost estimation
  • Work scope development

Structural Engineering

    Topsides Structural Analysis

    • Conceptual reviews and modelling to assess structural behaviour for various stages of decommissioning
    • Lift analysis for topsides modules and other structural components
    • Creation of new structural models aligned with Company guidelines
    • Analysis for sea fastening, module tie-down and offshore transfers

    Pipeline & Risers

    • Integrated support with pipeline engineering to decommission risers and other appurtenances as part of overall decommissioning program.

    Jacket Structural Analysis

    • Conceptual analysis as part of decommissioning for either full or partial removal
    • Structural integrity assessment during decommissioning phases
    • Conceptual analysis for sea fastening and onshore transfers


    We've created a 'first of its kind' digital solution for the engineering down and cleanup of offshore oil & gas facilities.


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