Capability Statement

Asset Integrity Audits

With our in-house multidiscipline engineering and maintenance experience, Process Consultants can provide an independent Asset Integrity assessment service for the baselining of brownfield facilities.

Such assessments are typically required to document the general condition of a facility for reasons such as prioritisation of maintenance or project work, transfer of ownership / operation of the facility, or as part of a pre or post-sale inspection. In some instances an assessment may be required at both the commencement and end of a contract term.

Geoffrey Constable

Projects Director

"The service we provide is of an independent nature to determine if any deficiencies are present in the assets and need to be rectified to bring the facility back to a fit-for-purpose condition."

The Process

The process commences by agreeing the general approach and scope (the ‘terms of reference’) such as timeline, number of assets to be assessed, reporting requirements and following this an indicative man-hours estimate can be developed.

Our process typically involves the following steps:

The activities typically undertaken as part of the assessment include:


The focus for these asset assessments is typically on major assets or asset classes.  As a guide, the level of inspection will be:

  • Physical and visual inspections will only involve inspections that can be completed by external assessment whilst the equipment remains in service.
  • No equipment dismantling or internal inspections will be conducted.
  • The preference is for physical inspection results where practicable – this should include inspection notes, photographs and any test results.
  • Where physical inspection is not practicable, then past asset inspection and maintenance records are reviewed for scope, quality of implementation and results.
  • Where physical inspection is not practicable and the records available are not adequate to determine condition, the asset condition is regarded as “indeterminate” in the report.
  • Where requested plant records data such as work orders, asset maintenance history and inspection reports can also be viewed and incorporated into the assessment.
  • A written report provides all findings along with any recommendations appropriate.
  • Note that these assessments are not a ‘formal’ asset integrity assessment such as that conducted by a pressure vessel inspector or hazardous area inspector. Such an assessment is a different order of magnitude of time, effort and cost and serve a different purpose.

What are the potential inspection outcomes

We typically categorise major equipment in the following simple terms:

For further details on the Asset Integrity services we provide, please get contact with us.


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