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Project Shaping

Do you have a project opportunity and you're not sure how to get started?   Or have you already identified options to resolve an issue and now need advice to ensure they are technically sound and the cost estimate is within your budget?  

Perhaps your personnel are distracted by base business activities and you're thinking of engaging external engineering expertise, but you're concerned about not getting the necessary input from your operations team and other stakeholders if the work is executed externally?

Whatever the circumstances, there are a number of ways we can support and structure our team and our workflows, to ensure any obstacles can be overcome.

Let us help you shape the future of your projects to build success from the outset through to completion.


"The value offered by early and accurate definition of project objectives and constraints is often overlooked. A project basis for design, broad range of alternate solutions and then screening of options using considered criteria is recommended. Appropriate and targeted front-end loading can set-up projects for success and carry through all stages of execution and implementation. "

Greg Saunders
Strategy Advisor

Strategic Advice

We can help you to evaluate and assess potential risks and rewards offered.  Our involvement and insight can optimise value whilst being capital efficient.

Framing Workshops

Framing workshops establish alignment on key project success factors between various elements of your business. These sessions offer significant value particularly when held early in the project.

Options Assessment

A robust options assessment and selection process is critical to ensuring and documenting the thinking and justification of the preferred option. 

Preliminary Engineering

Preliminary engineering ensures the option selected is robust, and can be confidently taken forward to the definition and execution phases.

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