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Project Definition

Process Consultants can support you to define and refine a project or technical concept you wish to pursue.

We recommend that your concept is evaluated and tested thoroughly before progressing to this stage. This ensures the concept is robust and limits design churn, indecision, and doubt. We can help you to do this, see our Project Shaping service.  

Process Consultants can define your project ready for handover to an experienced construction contractor.

Conceptual evaluation work typically prepares a preliminary basis document, various design documents (e.g. PFDs, P&IDs, Plot Plans, Equipment Lists, etc.), and an order of magnitude level cost estimates (accuracy +/- 30% to 50%).  

We are experts in delivering Front-End and Detailed Engineering and Design services.

We tailor our approach to the size and complexity of the project, with small, or simple single discipline projects (e.g. retrofits) only requiring a single engineering phase, and more complex works defined over two distinct phases: (1) front-end and (2) detailed engineering. This phased or gated approach allows cost estimates to be refined and to be sufficiently accurate to inform our clients on the potential cost.

Let us help you to achieve project success to build the value in your business.


"Process Consultants' talented and experienced Engineers and Designers provides our clients with an unique value multiplier given our size. Our broad range of skills and services enables us to effectively engineer, design and define a wide range of projects in the sectors we support."

Michael Stansfield
Managing Director

Engineering and Design

We offer a comprehensive range of Engineering and Design services, which can assist you to quantify the technical requirements of and the design risks involved in your project. 


Cost Estimation

Our approach is to tailor the delivery of our work to meet the required level of definition for your desired estimate accuracy range. This combined with our understanding of risk and skilled estimators give us confidence in our estimates.

Licensor Technology Integration

We work with Licensors providers to integrate their technology in your planned or existing production facilities.  Our experienced has allowed us to repeatedly and seamlessly tie-in new equipment and have it perform as designed.

Techno-Commercial Bid Evaluation

Fair and formal technical and commercial evaluation of bids ensures optimal outcomes for our clients. Our team can support your procurement and contracting processes in your confidence and with transparency. 

Design and Risk Reviews

Reviews involving stakeholders and technical experts help to reduce project design, execution, and operability risks. We can facilitate and participate in various types of reviews to support the definition of your project.  

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