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Project Management

Delivering a project involves bringing together a group of individuals or contractors with various skills and talents, to work together for a common goal. Maximising the output and effectiveness of this team can be challenging, as each may have differing constraints, resources, and/or measures of success.

A project without sufficient management and direction is like a football team without a coach.

Project Managers provide critical oversight to a team to ensure objectives are met, while controlling cost, managing risk and meeting schedule requirements. Success in this role requires effective communicators, hard and soft skills, and a understanding of the technical expertise and challenges faced by each team member in their work.

Our team of Project Managers have succeeded.

Our Project Managers and Engineers have been instrumental in delivered projects ranging in size from minor field modifications through to complex brownfield works for various clients and in many differing roles.  This team is well supported by our Engineering Group and can help you to achieve project success.

Let us help you to achieve project success to build the value in your business.


"Successful projects require adequate, capable, and close support from Project Managers and Project Engineers.  This input is critical and increases the overall value delivered to our clients through tight focus and understanding of project objectives and constraints."

Scott Bailey
Project Manager

Execution Strategy

Failing to plan is planning to fail. We can help you to develop project strategies to meet your objectives and given constraints.

Portfolio Management

We can help you sort out and prioritise various competing items on your work list. Taking into account your organisations' approach to capital and risk.  

Project Health Reviews

Is a project you are working on headed toward the iceberg? Our specialists can help you to triage issues, develop recovery plans, and action them to move the work forward.

Cold-eyes Reviews

Working hard on a detailed and complex issue can cause 'design myopia'. Reach out and see how we can bring a fresh perspective.

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