Crush Change = Success.

Project Execution

Process Consultants are experienced in supporting projects through to completion. Having championed procurement, fabrication, and construction efforts and developed documents for operations for numerous different projects and clients.

Our team has an 'owners' mindset as many have held positions of authority and accountability in Project and Operations teams. This combined with our technical capability, ensures we develop pragmatic solutions to the challenges and change faced.   

Crush change to save your project.

Change exists in all things we do, and, for a project, change is an ever present issue to be managed. Change is particularly troublesome during execution and can potentially cause significant delay and cost overrun.

We have the right skills and experience to help to avoid or mitigate change through proactive and decisive actions including early agreement on the project's objectives and ongoing communications. This approach has saved much effort and cost in the past, which has helped our clients to achieve project success. 

Let us help you to achieve project success to build the value in your business.


"Minimising project change is one of the keys to achieving a successful project. This can be achieved by reaching early agreement on the project's goals, regular communication and, where required, re-alignment."

Scott Bailey
Project Manager


Our team can support your procurement process, and assist in vendor selection, bid evaluation, technical-commercial clarifications, purchasing, and expediting.

Package Management

We can oversee and technically support the manufacture of equipment items and/or packages sourced from vendors. This support ensures on-time and on-spec delivery of this equipment. 

Construction Support

Technical support provided by our experts during construction, ensure issues and changes experienced can be managed promptly to prevent construction delays and downtime. 

Operations Documents

Our operations background ensures we understand how to tailor and structure these critical documents to meet the requirements of operations teams and to appropriately cover and address risks and hazards.  

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