Software plus Services

Digitising and Automated Workflows

Several years ago, we began digitising our engineering workflows using cloud services and mobile hardware including tablets and 'iPads'.  It began with drawing markups, digital signatures and note taking, and we've never looked back since.

Back then we were the 'trail blazers' of our industry, but today, the use of cloud tools and tablets are just about mainstream.

Today, we're programming our own customised applications to automate the tasks we do every day, and to enhance the way we store and use information.  Wherever there is a need to store data, we use the power of a relational database to do more with it.

We're innovating with digital in a very practical way.

Software plus services, whether that be advisory, engineering and project delivery, is another very important part of what we do to   ensure our services are 'future proof' and continue to exceed our client's expectations. 

The code we develop, enables our applications to:

  • Automate workflows
  • Track status of anything and everything
  • Manage approvals
  • Manage people and work fronts
  • Sequence and schedule work
  • Automate reporting
  • Create custom dash-boarding

Work with us and we will ensure more value is created from the services we deliver.



We've created a 'first of its kind' digital solution for the engineering down and cleanup of offshore oil & gas facilities.


Think differently. Innovate. Create value.