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Our story

Process Consultants is an advisory, engineering and management consultancy based in Melbourne. Since 2015, we've been working with our clients to solve some of the industry's toughest challenges and delivering solutions that go beyond expectations.

Why we're here

We're playing an integral part in the supply of energy and resources to local and international consumers.

Through the consultancy services and projects we deliver, our engineers have a unique ability to influence and address climate change impacts on our industry and we're here to ensure we play our part in the energy transition.


Michael Stansfield Co-founder and Managing Director

Michael Stansfield, co-founder and Managing Director of Process Consultants, is a chartered Chemical Engineer with 20 years' experience in operations and engineering.  He studied Chemical Engineering at Melbourne University and has been mentored by some of the world's elite process engineers during his career in Australia and overseas.
An entrepreneur with a passion for engineering, he is the driving force behind our digital and software development arm.

Sean Fitzgerald Co-founder and Technical Director
Sean Fitzgerald, co-founder and Technical Director of Process Consultants, is an accomplished Process Engineer with 20 years' experience in operations, consultancy and package equipment manufacture. He studied Chemical Engineering and Science at Melbourne University. Sean's knowledge of the industry, our client's facilities, and his talent for creative problem solving, see him highly sought after by many of our clients.  More recently he is pursuing our interests in bespoke solutions and new energy.
Geoffrey Constable Co-founder and Projects Director
Geoffrey Constable, co-founder and Projects Director of Process Consultants, is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, and has 30 years' experience in operations, maintenance and consulting. Geoffrey's background is as a Mechanical Engineer, and he also holds a post-grad Master of Management degree. With his wide-ranging experience, personable nature and collaborative leadership style, he's the guiding and steady hand behind Process Consultants. Geoffrey is also responsible for our ISO 9001 compliance and the related quality management initiatives.

We're a team of industry experts

Beyond our core business of engineering, projects, and advisory services we also provide hard-to-find expertise in areas including:

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Our values are important to us

Not much more needs to be said, other than to say that these are our guiding principles.

Why you should trust us

Did you know that Engineers are ranked 5th in Australia's most trusted professions? [1]

We're also certified by DNV to the ISO-9001 Quality System Standard.

Industry affiliations

[1] Roy Morgan (link)

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