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Small Project Delivery

This discussion focuses on the execution of a small project and how Process Consultants’ approach simplifies and adds value to small project delivery.

An example of a small project is the installation of a new control valve station. Typically such a project would involve the installation of some new piping, valving, structural supports and instrumentation/cabling at identified tie in points and in some agreed location. A small project of this nature may have a budget of $50,000 - $250,000 TIC.

Geoffrey Constable

Projects Director

''The key to delivery of small projects is 'right sizing' and not using expensive and highly sophisticated modelling/integration tools when they are not necessary. By thinking with this mindset Process Consultants offer a high value service to our customers.''

Starting the work

For this type of project the customer may have completed some preliminary work, such as pipe sizing, and determined the indicative pipe route and the final tie-in points. Alternatively they may only have developed the basis of design information such as pipe specification, flow requirements, etc., along with key inputs such as tie-in points, with the intention of allowing Process Consultants to complete the engineering.

In either case Process Consultants would then take ownership of the work and continue to develop the project. This would typically involve engagement with the customer in terms of process engineering, instrumentation engineering, plant layout (including a field trip with operations and maintenance personnel to agree routing and layout requirements) and the plant asset owner.

Once project alignment is achieved Process Consultants agree a budget and schedule, and upon approval from the customer complete the engineering scope as required.

Executing the work

Depending on the customer and their plant requirements, some small projects can have their piping field measured manually. Other facilities that are unable to accommodate any onsite welding would use more sophisticated measurement devices, such as a laser scanner, so piping can be prefabricated and installed without field welding.

Typical deliverables for this small scale project include datasheets for tagged items, piping isometrics, tie-in point and demolition photos, civil/structural drawings and a scope of work document describing the various field activities required such as installing the equipment, instrumentation engineering, etc.

Construction and Commissioning

Process Consultants typically also provide construction support while the installation is underway and any commissioning/troubleshooting support the customer may request.


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