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Project Procurement Strategy

This discussion focuses on the process of managing project procurement and how Process Consultants manages procurement activities.

The process shown provides a general overview on the various steps undertaken during procurement.

Geoffrey Constable

Projects Director

"Our project procurement plans are always client specific, tailored to business needs. Some clients may have well established protocols and agreements with suppliers, while others may need more detailed support, which we can accommodate."'

Development of a Procurement Plan

A typical procurement plan considers items such as:

Agreement to the Procurement Plan

Process Consultants discuss the draft plan with the customer and makes any amendments as required.  The procurement plan is then ready for use on the specific (or generic) project and forms the basis for all procurement activities

Develop Issue for Enquiry Documentation

This may include:

Receipt of Enquiry Documentation

This may include:

Order Placement

This may include:

The systems and tools to be used in the management of project procurement depend on the project scale. Process Consultants selects the appropriate tools accordingly to offer the customer the best value outcome.


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