Capability Statement

Multidiscipline Project Delivery

The delivery of multidiscipline engineering projects is a core capability of Process Consultants, with the majority of our team having over 20 years of project delivery experience in the oil & gas and related industries.

Our team spans the disciplines of process, mechanical/piping, civil/structural, electrical/instrumentation, project management, quality assurance, procurement and estimating. One of the strengths of our team is our close working relationship, gained over more than a decade of working with one another on various projects.

Geoffrey Constable

Projects Director

''If you are looking for an experienced team to deliver your next project, we would be glad to support you. Our team has worked together for many years on numerous multidiscipline projects, helping solve many challenges and create value for our clients.''

Capability Synopsis

We take on multidiscipline projects at an stage, whether that is at Scoping/Feasibility, FEED or Detailed Design. The experience of our team means we are well placed to promptly grasp what the client's project objectives are, and to start working with them to achieve their goals.

For the vast majority of our multidiscipline projects, the process engineering team are the first engaged, whether that is to complete any necessary study work or finalise the FEED. As the project progresses other disciplines are introduced in a staged manner to provide support such as specifying equipment, determining layouts and piping runs, and issuing preliminary documentation, such as datasheets, to gain enough level of detail to prepare the project's TIC and schedule. During this work we also engage with external resources such as geotechnical engineers and surveyors to gain the necessary background information on the site, as well as others such as equipment vendors and construction contractors.

As work progresses through the various Scoping/Feasibility, FEED and Detailed Design we follow a rigorous process of checking including HAZOP, Design Review, Safety in Design checks and Constructibility Review with representatives of each discipline supporting these tasks as required. Throughout these processes we are continually engaged with our client, resolving technical queries as they arise and ensuring they provide the necessary operational input to help us deliver a project that meets their safety, production and maintenance needs. 

During the FEED and Detailed Design phases we can, if the client wishes, manage the procurement and expediting activities with our sophisticated digital systems.

Our support can continue through the construction, installation and commissioning phases, again depending on our client's wishes. Another strength of our team is our familiarity with operation environments and the various checks and balances that are required to carry out construction such as site inductions, job safety analyses, work permits and the like.

Our multidiscipline project experience spans both onshore at gas plants, petrochemical plants, terminals and other processing facilities, as well as offshore on various oil & gas platforms. 


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