Brownfield Project Services

Most of the projects we undertake are brownfield in nature, implementing improvements to our client’s existing facilities. These sites can vary in age, with some of them being 50 or more years old.

Brownfield projects bring their unique challenges which may include a lack of site information (drawings, procedures, etc.), ageing infrastructure considerations, and the need to understand how the proposed project integrates into the bigger picture.

The last 6 months have seen us supporting a number of brownfield projects for our clients, predominantly in a major hazard facility environment. Some of the work completed has included: 

With our brownfields-experienced personnel taking on these projects, and regular check-ins with our clients, we have given these clients peace of mind that the work was being undertaken in a competent and responsible way, leaving them freed up to do other tasks.

If you are looking for help on your next project, brownfield or otherwise, please feel free to contact us to understand how we can assist you:
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