A Project Update

We have recently completed a multi-discipline detailed design project that spanned across three offshore platforms. This project brought together a team of ten of our personnel from the disciplines of process, piping, structural, electrical and instrumentation, and was executed over an 8-month time frame.

As well as the extra logistical challenges that an offshore project entails, the project was on a tight timeline, and hence required a commitment beyond the normal "business as usual" approach to meet the client's expectations. Our team took on the challenge, working extended days and weekends to deliver the project as quickly as possible.

The project played well to our strengths of understanding and managing complexity, our insightful knowledge of the platform assets, our strong team work and our tenacity to solve some challenging problems.

And fundamental to the success of the project was the support of the client, as well as third-party vendors, who all played their part in executing the various support activities required to complete the work.

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